I felt your message was stunning and am in awe of you and what you’ve done to get where you are today…if I had hero’s you would be top of the list. – Shawn Wickard, TEDx Speaker, Walking Miracle

Your message was stunning

Ginger Johnson Retreat Training

I just came away from a Soul Vision course with Ginger, and all I have to say is WOW! Finally, I have an understanding as to why all the other courses and classes I have taken to improve myself, to rise to the next level has never really worked. Ginger gives you the understanding and tools to help you reach the next level. This is not for the faint of heart, you must be committed to taking action! It definitely is a different way to process and think, but I came away empowered to see myself in a new light and see my true potential!

Inga B | Norwex Independant Consultant

all I have to say is WOW!

I’ve spoken along side Ginger at several events and each time she delivers a keynote that inspires those listening and creates a strong atmosphere of hope. Her ability to capture the audience’s attention and present information in a straight forward but highly engaging way is very commendable and I’ve only heard positive comments from those who have listened to her speak. You can’t go wrong inviting Ginger to your stage. She’ll give 100% and you will be impressed.

Dr. Anne Kieryn, Surgical Breast Oncologist, Medical Director, Jordan Valley Medical Center


Thank you for the service you’ve given our community and the support you’ve provided for cancer patients and survivors. We are lucky to have you with us.

Mr. Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.


You are our inspiration and a  joy to be around. Truly, you are my heroine! 

Abby Bonnell, Newsdirector, Anchor, iHeartMedia – Salt Lake City


What a pleasure it was to start our day hearing your message of inspiration and encouragement. You were a  rock star and my spirit was uplifted by you!  Thank you and bless you for sharing your message and for defining some tools to get us through the rough stuff! You were awesome! Thank you again for sharing your story with us!

Tracie Ryman, Sandy Chamber of Commerce


my spirit was lifted

We LOVED having you as our guest speaker for the CHEERS charity gala dinner and knew from the tears in the audience and the hugs of appreciation afterwards that you were the right choice. 

Zakiya Mills-Francois, Managing Director, Z M Image Consultants Limited Benefiting Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society


Tears and hugs of appreciation

“I was fortunate enough to secure Ginger Johnson as a speaker for one of BODY WORLDS’ health lectures hosted in Salt Lake City. Ginger’s charisma is infectious and I loved the way she presented what could have been boring information, in an engaging, humorous and very salient fashion, so that everyone seemed to listen to her critical message about breast cancer detection– even the men in the room were tuned in. She has the skill and finesse of an experienced teacher who knows how to engage different types of learners and how to get them to “act” on her message!” 

Jenie Skoy, Communications Manager, Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & Institute for Plastinatio


I love the way she presented

You really have impacted my life in such a huge way I want to make sure I can convey it well enough.  I was in a pretty dark place feeling depressed and hopeless. Your workshop gave me back hope and most importantly helped me to realize my power again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These words don’t seem adequate to convey the immense gratitude I have for you, but I don’t how else to put it…. how do you thank someone for basically saving my life?? I am so grateful that you have come into my life and I pray for you each day.  You truly are an angel amongst us! – Suzi E. | Nurse & Stage 4 Cancer Patient

how do you thank someone for basically saving my life??

What an amazing experience! Ginger is an angel on earth. She has brilliantly taken the teachings of those who came before her and incorporated them into a comprehensive tool that is inspiring, humbling, and potentially life changing. I feel like I can begin to see myself more clearly, and, by extention, every other person in my space.
Ginger is energetic and personable and sensitive and straight forward and intelligent. She is a great teacher and has a way of helping everyone in the room feel like you are her best friend. It’s apparent when she says she loves you, she means it.
It was truly a blessing to spend so much dedicated time learning from Ginger among a group of like-minded beautiful and amazing women. It was time well spent! – Darla S | Cancer Survivor

Ginger is an angel on earth.