Get To Know Ginger

Ginger is energetic, personable, sensitive, straight forward and intelligent. She is a great teacher and has a way of helping everyone in the room feel like you are her best friend. It’s apparent when she says she loves you that she means it.

-Darla Stevenson, Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

As a 3-time stage 4 metastatic survivor  I’ve been in the trenches and faced the destructive emotional demons head on. The feelings of fear, frustration and failure often circled around my mind as I worked to make sense of everything.

But I am living proof that HOPE is fuel for the soul and that when hope is combined with an direct plan of action (Soul Vision) – it can work mighty miracles that defy the odds and astound the world at large.

It’s been said, “The opinion you believe is the reality you’ll achieve” (Shawn Wickard), or as the Master Teacher put it, ‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

And I believe.

It’s been a long time coming, but I now chase miracles daily because it is my birthright to do so.

​I believe it’s your birthright as well.

The question becomes — what do you choose to believe?

Will you choose to believe that you have the potential to achieve your desires and dreams or will you choose to believe your fate is doomed?

Will you choose to believe that you are of great worth or will you choose to believe that your soul is worth-less?

Will you choose to believe that your life has meaning and purpose or will you choose to believe that life is hard?

Will you choose to step into a victor mentality and leave the fear behind or will you allow your mind to dim in despair and darkness?

Choose wisely for “decisions determine destiny.” (Thomas S. Monson)

And you will always have a choice.

Choose to embrace your divine worth and watch the miracles unfold.

It’s time.

Big love,

Ginger Johnson
Chief Miracle Manifestor

TEDx Presentation: Chasing After Miracles | The Mechanics of Hope

Ginger Johnson TEDx Miracles


Ginger Johnson is a cause-driven entrepreneur, international speaker, mentor and trainer, woman of God, and 3- time #stage4nomore metastatic breast cancer survivor  – first diagnosed on Halloween day when she was 31 years old and 5 months pregnant, re-diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 disease on her 40th birthday and again in 2018.  It hasn’t slow her down.

Known for her optimism, enthusiasm, faith, resiliency, and make-it-happen determination, Ginger has been called the ‘quintessential connector’, ‘a hope giver’, and ‘a force of nature’. As a keynote speaker, she has delighted audiences internationally, sharing her story of survival, service and support, and guiding others to increase the hope, health and happiness in their lives.

As the founder of the Survivor Soul Project, she is on a mission to reach #onemillionsouls and empower cancer survivors to create a life of hope, vibrance and joy by overcoming the emotional and psychosocial issues that are so prevelant after a cancer diagnosis.

Hope to the soul is like oxygen to the body. It breathes new life and vitality into all who take it in. – Ginger Johnson

Ginger has been featured on a variety of media outlets including, USAToday, StandUp2Cancer, iHeart Media and in magazines such as AmoenaLIFE, Breast Cancer Wellness, Coping with Cancer, Real Simple, Wildfire and more. Her TEDx presentation on Chasing After Miracles has been a source of encouragement for hundreds and her image and story circled the globe in 2010 as she was featured with fellow survivors on the back of the Cheerios box as part of a General Mills and Susan G. Komen initiative.

Through keynote presentations, conferences, online trainings and connections to resource providers, Ginger seeks to empower one million souls by 2020 with additional knowledge about health and wellness, powerful personal development tools and massive amounts of personal empowerment and hope, thereby providing others with a foundation to create greater meaning, purpose and direction in their life.

To contact Ginger for speaking engagements, please click here.



2018 Chosen to represent America for the The Day I was Told Amoena Campaign
2018 Rediagnosed BUT HEALING from stage 4 metastatic disease (#goingforstage4nomore)
2018 Survivor Soul Conference: Permission to LIVE
2018 TEDx Riverton Speaker: Chasing After Miracles
2018 Featured in Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine (2nd time)
2017 NED Metastatic Stage 4 cancer in spine, bones, lung and lymph nodes
2017 Founder, Survivor Soul Project & Conference
2016 Featured on & Note to Self
2015 Rediagnosed with Metastatic Stage 4 Breast Cancer
2014 Amoena International, Mission:Strength Ambassador
2013 Utah Cancer Action Network Member of the Year
2012 Pink Power Mom for Kids II
2012 Founder, Seats for Survivors
2012 Woman of the Year Nominee (Desert States chapter)
2011 Live In Pink finalist for Down East
2011 Co-Chair for Survivorship & Quality of Life – Utah Cancer Action Network
2010 Publisher, Utah Cancer Connections Magazine (5 years)
2010 National Ambassador for
2010 Susan G Komen for the Cure SLC Affiliate Board Member
2009 I Think Pink Honoree
2008 President, Young Survivor Sisters
2007 Founder, Happy Chemo!
2006 Original Breast Cancer Diagnosis at age 31 and 5 months pregnant

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