The Worth of a Soul

Originally published in Fall issue of Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, pg 38

When you are no longer motivated by fear; When you simply follow your heart. Doors will open where you thought there were no doors, and the energy of God will assist you. – Unknown

Raindrops fell softly on the cold window matching the tears falling from my eyes. The storm outside seemed to mimic the swirling commotion in my soul. How much more could I handle?

I pressed my face into the glass and stared out into the darkness as the silence of night surrounded me. It seemed so surreal to think that only a few months earlier on my 40th birthday in July, I had received news that the breast cancer had returned and was now throughout my body. Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Happy birthday to me.

Then, as if fate decided to add some proverbial lemon juice to the situation, a few months later I found myself in a local behavioral unit recovering from a mental breakdown after discovering that the man I had been married to for 16 years was not the man I thought he was. Divorce soon followed along with additional stress, custody battles and legal bills.

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Miracles Can Happen

Each individual, no matter their unique situation, has divine power within themselves to achieve the full measure of their creation.  – Ginger Johnson

‘You’ll never be able to achieve that.’ ‘What are you thinking?’ ‘You know the statistics, right?’ ‘You might as well give up.’ ‘Have you really thought this one through?’ ‘It’s never gonna happen, so why continue to try?’

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