Miracles Can Happen

Each individual, no matter their unique situation, has divine power within themselves to achieve the full measure of their creation.  – Ginger Johnson

‘You’ll never be able to achieve that.’ ‘What are you thinking?’ ‘You know the statistics, right?’ ‘You might as well give up.’ ‘Have you really thought this one through?’ ‘It’s never gonna happen, so why continue to try?’

Maybe you’re familiar with these pessimistic anthems too. 

They seem to accompany every great desire, every yearning for success, and every sacred dream in the soul when shared with those who have yet to accept the true possibilities that miracles have to offer.

It’s been said that ‘when nothing is certain, anything is possible.’ And I believe that is true.

There truly are no limits in this life, but those we place on ourselves.

Now some may argue — what about those with physical limitations or disabilities, those living in less than ideal environments, or those facing hardships from another’s negligence.

Each individual, no matter their unique situation, has divine power within themselves to achieve the full measure of their creation.

Let’s take my brother, Jacob, as an example.

When he was born, the doctors told my parents he’d be a vegetable and not accomplish much of anything in his life.

He had trouble swallowing, speech delay, motor skill deficiencies, and developmental challenges.

But, thanks to the devotion of my parents to believe that miracles can happen – and after many prayers and much fasting – my mom began working with him day-in and day-out.

First, teaching him how to swallow and eventually move food to the back of his throat. Then, to use simple sign language to communicate. Next, on to walking and bowel control, which he finally mastered by age 12.

It was a long process of daily diligence but today, Jacob is a walking, talking (we can’t shut him up! LOL), bike riding, 4-wheeler driving, music-loving, fancy-foot-work dancing, high school graduate, gainfully employed — miracle.

He’s rode his bike 50 miles along the California coast with my sister for Best Buddies International – something he was NEVER supposed to be able to do according to the medical professionals.

He works every Saturday for Old Navy as a ‘door greeter’ and was their first employee company wide with disabilities.

He’s a social butterfly with an amazing ability to remember faces and often walks up to people and says, “Hey – you know me.” To which the reply is always smiles and “Jake! Good to see you man.”

A walking, talking, not-going-to-let-limitations-stop-me, real, live miracle.



And let’s not forget the miracle of being able to live with 7 sisters as the only boy!!


When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Experiences like watching Jacob overcome the limitations placed upon him helped create a foundation of faith in my life that miracles are possible and CAN really happen – even if the professionals or others in the world tell you they can’t.

I am also living proof as a #stage4nomore metastatic cancer survivor.

It’s time to take off the self-imposed limitations and to remove and walk away from the things that are weighing you down and slowing your progress. It’s time to choose to believe that miracles can happen in your own life.

Because they can.

Big love,






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